Compass Precision Shop Joins Digital Age

WESTFORD, MA – September 12, 2023 – Bergeron Machine announced Tuesday that it has launched a new website touting its capabilities. Founded in 1948, the firm was acquired in April by Compass Precision, a Charlotte-based manufacturer of custom, close-tolerance metal components for mission critical applications.

“It is highly unusual for a shop like ours to lack a website,” explained Dave Giampa, Bergeron’s President (above, left). “Prior ownership focused on making great parts delivered on time. Our customers benefited greatly from that. But we want to grow. Additional customers and potential new employees need a way to learn about us.”

“Each of Compass’s previous acquisitions already had a website,” added Bill Canning, Vice President & COO of Compass (above, right). “Nearly all CNC machine shops do. We are very happy to be launching Bergeron’s new site. Now we can focus on making great parts on time as well as telling our story to people who don’t know us.”

Developing Bergeron’s new website represents the second such effort for Compass. Shortly after the company was started in 2019, it created and launched its own website In addition, company management actively works to enhance all of its websites, including sites for each of its individual shops.

“Most CNC shop websites are static and don’t change for years,” stated Jim Miller, Compass Vice President of Sales. “Compass is different. We add something to at least one of our sites every week. Always adding content keeps customers and other visitors coming back.”

“I like the idea of Bergeron having its own website,” said David Herbst, Sr, Bergeron’s General Manager (above, center). “I have worked here for about forty years. We always sort of flew under the radar. But now we are developing our own identity. Makes it easier for customers and new hires to learn what we are all about.”

“One of our customers just emailed me about Bergeron’s new website,” added Gary Holcomb, Compass’s CEO. “He said the site looked great and was very easy to navigate. I hope other visitors have similar experiences. We will work hard continually enhancing the website to keep people coming back.”

Keeping customers coming back has always been Bergeron’s objective. The firm specializes in small diameter (1/8 inch to 1 ¼ inch), mission critical components, typically with complicated geometries and requiring exacting surface finishes. Many of its parts have extremely tight tolerances, are often long and slender in shape, and made of difficult-to-machine materials like Inconel, Monel, and titanium. Key industries served include semiconductor, aerospace, defense, and medical. The firm operates from a modern 14,700-square-foot facility in Westford, Ma, a suburb of Boston. It has about 25 employees and supplies customers locally and around the country.

Bergeron’s parent company Compass Precision was founded in 2019 based upon the simultaneous purchase of three precision CNC machining companies in North Carolina – Advanced Machining & Tooling (Salisbury, NC); Quality Products & Machine (Charlotte, NC); and Tri-Tec Industries (Charlotte, NC). Compass added Gray Manufacturing Technologies (Denver, NC) to the fold in August 2020, then acquired Douglas Machining Services (Winona, MN) in March 2021. Since then, Compass has purchased R&D Machine (Oldsmar, FL) in April 2022; Strom Manufacturing (North Plains, OR) in July 2022; and Bergeron Machine (Westford, MA) in April 2023, bringing its number of operating companies to eight.

For more information about Bergeron Machine and Compass Precision, please contact Gary Holcomb, Compass CEO at