Family Connection Pays Off

Oftentimes, good things come to those who wait. In Bory Vuth’s family, good things come to those who ask.

While Bory was working for Boston Centerless, a centerless grinding shop in Woburn, MA, he helped his brother, Run, land a job with the company. A few years later, Bory asked his brother to return the favor when Run was working at Bergeron Machine.

It’s a favor that Bory is still reaping the benefits from today.

Clearly, Bergeron Machine is still benefitting too. Compass Precision has named Bory the company’s Employee of the Month for August.

”Bory does everything asked of him and then some,” stated Dave Giampa, Bergeron’s President. “I have been in this business a long time and know how to spot the great performers. Bory is definitely one.”

Bory is the very first Employee of the Month selected at Bergeron. Compass acquired the operating company in April 2023.

“Bory is highly deserving to be the first Compass Employee of the Month from Bergeron,” said Dave Herbst, Sr, long-time Bergeron employee and current General Manager. “And his contributions are higher every day. He is great to work with.”

“Bory is one of those guys you’d like to clone and spread around everywhere,” added Bill Canning, Compass’s Vice President & Chief Operating Officer. “He sets a pretty high standard for the rest of us.”

With his brother’s recommendation, Bory, who has 20 years of machine shop experience, began working at Bergeron Machine in 2017. Run has since moved on to a new opportunity, but Bory remains at Bergeron and is committed for the long haul.

In July, Bergeron promoted Bory to shop lead. He has spent the first month of the role trying to learn how other people work and focus on placing the other machinists in situations where they can experience success.

He summarized his new job as “leading people in the right direction.” Bory also places a huge emphasis on efficiency and improving productivity.

His daily tasks as shop lead include assisting any machinist who is experiencing issues, scheduling new jobs, preparing tooling for the other programmers and fixing machines that aren’t working properly. He also works to support the night shift.

Every day is different, which is exactly what Bory loves so much about Bergeron.

“I wanted to come to work and think every day, solve problems,” Bory said. “You feel great about yourself after you solve a problem that people can’t figure out.”

Bergeron differs from Boston Centerless a lot in that way. Boston Centerless specializes in grinding, which doesn’t require a whole lot of thinking on the part of employees. Bory said he wanted something more and found it in Bergeron.

Bory left Boston Centerless in 2015 after nine years with the company. For the next two years, he worked monthly contracts at several different shops to gain CNC machining experience. While working at Boston Centerless, Bory decided CNC machining was where he wanted his career to go next.

Then six years ago, he found the opportunity at Bergeron through his brother.

It took Bory some time to develop a full understanding of the CNC Swiss machining process at Bergeron. But he had a tremendous desire to learn it, and one day, it all fell into place.

“Sydney (the company’s previous co-owner) showed me a little bit of programming,” Bory said. “Then every single day, I would sit there and stare at the program with the blueprint to try and understand how it moves and all the G code and N code.

“Then one day, it just clicked. And that was it.”

In his free time, Bory likes to spend time with his family. He has been married for 13 years and has two sons who are 12 and nine years old.

Within the last year, Bory and his wife have adopted two cats.

Last August, Bory developed a strong passion for disc golf. He plays every Sunday morning.