Manufacturer of Custom, Precision Components Gets Enhanced On-Line Presence

CHARLOTTE, NC – December 13, 2023 – Compass Precision announced Wednesday that it has launched a new website at touting its capabilities. Founded in 2019 when it completed its first acquisitions, Compass is a Charlotte-based manufacturer of custom, close-tolerance metal components for mission critical applications.

“We put up our first website four years ago, when we had three CNC shops,” stated Gary Holcomb, CEO (top row above, right). “As we acquired more shops, and added capabilities, we changed this and that, added here and there. But it was time for a fresh look.”

Compass has grown significantly since its founding. It started with three locations, all in the Charlotte, NC area. It completed one add-on acquisition in 2020, one in 2021, and two in 2022. In April 2023, Compass added its eighth CNC shop. In addition, the firm has spent aggressively on new CNC equipment. It has invested in excess of $10 million to add more than twenty-five new machines across its network of shops. Compass refers to these shops as operating companies because of the decentralized nature in which they are managed.

“We started as a North Carolina operation,” explained Jim Miller, Compass’s Vice President of Sales (bottom row, left). “Most of our customers were in the Southeastern portion of the United States. But now we have both customers and facilities spread across the entire country, with an increasing number of exports. We needed a new website to reflect that.”

Compass’s new site allows visitors to quickly understand the depth and breadth of its capabilities to manufacture highly precision, custom components for mission critical applications. Most of these components are made from difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium, Inconel, nickel-based alloys, and tool steels. A majority of Compass’s customers are in highly demanding industries such as aerospace & defense, space, medical, semiconductor, telecommunications, and power generation.

“I love that we serve hundreds of customers using all sorts of advanced CNC machines,” said Bill Canning, Compass’s Vice President & COO (top row, left). “We have many 5-axis vertical mills and lots of 3 and 4-axis horizontal and vertical mills, many with automation capabilities to run all night. And we have one of the largest collections of advanced multi-tasking mill/turn machines in the country. Our new website shows this much better than the old one.”

Compass’s website contains information thoroughly describing its capabilities. It also details the unique attributes of its eight operating companies. In fact, there is a separate webpage devoted to each company. In addition, Compass maintains separate websites for all of its operating companies. This includes one for Bergeron Machine ( , its most recent acquisition that did not have a website before joining Compass (Bergeron Machine Launches New Website (September 12, 2023) – Compass Precision, LLC).

“We had another objective when launching our new website,” added Gary. “People are increasingly using their phones to connect to sites like ours. Our first website was intended

primarily for desktops and laptops. Viewing websites on mobile devices like tablets and phones is a very different experience. We designed our new site to fully support being visited from any device, including mobile ones. We are already seeing an increase in traffic as a result.”

Not wanting to rest on its laurels, Compass intends to continue making additions and revisions to its new website. It will also update and expand its operating company websites.

“The cool thing about great websites is that they are never done,” stated Jim. “We enhance and modify our sites to reflect what is going on within Compass. Most CNC shops put up a website and never look back. It is a singular event. But not us. Ours tell a story about our company and evolves as we do.”

“We add new content to Compass’s website each week,” added Paul Wilhelm, Compass’s Vice President & CFO (bottom row, right). “Visitors always know what’s new with us.”

For more information about Compass Precision, please contact Gary Holcomb, Compass CEO at Also feel free to contact Jim Miller, Vice President of Sales at, Bill Canning, Vice President and COO at, or Paul Wilhelm, Vice President and CFO at