Bergeron CNC Lead Earns High Honor

It’s not uncommon for Bergeron Machine employees to have worked in a completely different field before joining the Compass Precision operating company.

In the case of CNC lead Danny Du, he was in a different field not even technically working for a company before Bergeron.

But now eight years into his tenure at Bergeron, Danny has become the Compass Precision employee of the month for December 2023.

”Danny is another great employee whom I inherited when I joined Bergeron earlier this year,” explained President Dave Giampa. “With guys like him, there isn’t anything we can’t do.”

Danny is the third Employee of the Month selected at Bergeron. Shop lead Bory Vuth and fellow CNC lead Pinera Ouk were the operating company’s first two Employees of the Month at Compass in August and October, respectively.

For 12 years, Danny was a self-employed man. Rather than working for a corporation or even a small machine shop, he ran his own companies in the flooring and spa businesses.

Over the final five years of running his own business, Danny lived in Florida.

But eight years ago, Danny moved back to his home state of Massachusetts in search of something more stable. He found Bergeron Machine.

Danny said he has loved working for the Compass operating company. His favorite thing about his position is the fact he encounters something new every day.

“I come in and solve a problem,” said Danny. “It’s my thing. I like to nitpick and see what the problem is and what we can do to solve it and prevent it.”

Over the 2023 summer, training new employees also became one of Danny’s things. He began training shortly after Compass acquired the company and hired Dave Giampa as president.

Whether it’s running a machine or training a new employee, Danny calls upon his experience as a self-employed business owner to deliver for Bergeron Machine.

“The way I think of it is that I’m running my own self business here, and it’s prospering, and thus the company is prospering,” said Danny.

Danny grew up all over Massachusetts. He currently lives in Townsend with his wife, Niva, and three children, Dathan, Dylan and Avale. The family has also had a German shepard, Zeus, the past four years.

For fun, Danny works out at the gym. Danny also regularly goes on trips with his family. He said they regularly go camping in New Hampshire and Maine during the summer.

“We never had a new acquisition with three Employee of the Month honors so quickly,” said Compass CEO Gary Holcomb. “Danny and his buddies Bory and Pinera are great assets for Bergeron, and for Compass. We love these guys.”