Bergeron Machine Recognizes CNC Lead for Outstanding Performance

It wasn’t long ago that Pinara Ouk was an inexperienced machinist trying to find his way at Bergeron Machine. But now four years into his tenure at the Compass operating company, Pinara is responsible for training inexperienced machinists like his former self.

For his efforts, Compass has named Pinara its Employee of the Month for October.

”Pinara comes to work each day with an incredibly positive attitude,” explained Dave Giampa, President of Bergeron Machine. “He is smart, works hard, helps others, and is totally motivated to help Bergeron succeed.”

Pinara is the second Employee of the Month selected at Bergeron. Shop lead Bory Vuth was the operating company’s first Employee of the Month at Compass in August.

Before joining Bergeron, Pinara served as a manager at a physical therapy clinic. Despite his success in that role for about five years, he wanted to move into a career that was more hands on.

For that reason, Pinara identified machining as an industry to pursue. He also had a strong referral to help. Bory is his brother-in-law, and when Bory encouraged him to join Bergeron Machine, Pinara didn’t hesitate.

Pinara did work at a machine shop prior to his tenure at Bergeron, but he described that experience as far less involved than what the machinists do at the Compass operating company.

“I was just more of an operator, watching the machine, making sure that it would make the parts, and that’s about it,” Pinara said. “That was as far as my experience went.

“But I like to excel in everything that I do, so I’ve put my all into this job. I really liked it, so I just wanted to keep on learning and learning.”

Pinara began as a CNC setup role at Bergeron. A few months ago, he became a CNC lead. His day-to-day tasks now include helping the other machinists around the shop.

He has found his latest role at Bergeron very gratifying.

“The thing that I enjoy most about being a lead is that I get to teach other people what I know and what I’ve learned,” Pinara said. “And to see them apply it to their daily job is rewarding.”

Some of the machinists he helps began with very little or no previous machining experience, just like he did. Pinara said he answers as many questions as he possibly can, but as the weeks go by, he receives fewer and fewer inquiries because his pupils are learning.

Pinara doesn’t come from a machining family, but as is true with a lot of Compass employees, he was fascinated with toy models and building things at a young age. He played with legos as a kid.

Originally, Pinara sought to work in a laboratory with his degree in biochemistry. But after trying that career, he discovered he didn’t like it. He earned his associates degree in biochemistry from Bunkerhill Community College.

Pinara currently lives with his wife and kids in Dracut, Massachusetts. His parents immigrated to the United States from Cambodia, but he has lived in Massachusetts his entire life.

For fun, Pinara recently discovered disc golfing. He plays every Sunday with Bory.

In his free time, he also enjoys working out at the gym and family time. He described roller skating, playing at the park and eating out at restaurants as his favorite activities to do with his family.