Company Set to Meet Customer Demands With Additional CNC Turning Capacity

The eight operating companies at Compass Precision will do just about anything to satisfy a need from a customer. The latest example of that recently occurred at Tri-Tec Industries.

In May, Tri-Tec purchased two new Doosan Puma DNT 2600 machines. The Compass operating company made the addition to their equipment set to fulfill a growing demand from a vital customer.

“We’ll do what it takes to keep a customer happy and meet their demands. No matter what it takes,” Tri-Tec President Rick Loyd said. “These machines will help Tri-Tec do that.”

Although they have been renamed, the pair of machines are exactly the same as three others Tri-Tec already had. Each new lathe was delivered at the end of May (shown in photo above with Tri-Tec Production Coordinator Dennis Jenkins).

With the two new pieces of equipment, Tri-Tec has five Doosan Puma DNY 2600 machines. All of them have the ability to use a larger chuck to hold bigger pieces in place.

Tri-Tec is using the bigger 12-inch chuck for a large customer in the medical industry to machine a 20-inch diameter part. 

Furthermore, with the two added machines, Tri-Tec is able to machine as much as its material vendor is supplying them to fulfill the customer order.

“I don’t want to be the one who falls down,” Loyd said when asked about why Tri-Tec added its new machines. “Our material vendor was supplying more than I could run, and the customer ordered more than the vendor could supply. 

“So, I needed to supply at least what the vendor was giving me or risk losing the project.”

Other Tri-Tec customers will also benefit from this addition.

“With this additional capacity, we will be looking to satisfy demand from new customers as well,” added Compass VP of Sales Jim Miller. “Compass likes to aggressively invest in machinery and equipment to better serve all its customers.” 

Tri-Tec operates from its Charlotte, NC facility at 200 Peachtree Drive South. It provides solutions and quality parts to leading companies in the medical, industrial automation, and chemical processing markets across the southeast and globally.

Tri-Tec was founded in 1997. ZP Enterprises, LLC, an Atlanta-based firm, acquired majority interest in the company in 2016.

In 2019, ZP Enterprises decided to seek new ownership for three of its portfolio companies, including Quality Products & Machine, LLC, and Advanced Machining & Tooling, LLC, as well as Tri-Tec. It quickly reached an agreement with Main Street Capital Holdings, a Pittsburgh-based private equity firm. Main Street acquired Tri-Tec, along with its two sister firms, and placed them under a new umbrella company, Compass Precision.

In Aug. 2020, Compass added Gray Manufacturing Technologies, LLC of Denver, NC as its fourth operating company. Compass has made at least one acquisition each year since then, adding Douglas Machining, R&D Machine, Strom Manufacturing and Bergeron Machine

Compass continues to aggressively search for additional CNC machining add-ons.

For more information about Tri-Tec Industries and Compass Precision, please contact Jim Miller, VP of Sales at