2021 First Half EOM Honorees Then and Now

Compass Precision upholds a high standard for its employees and then strongly commends them when they reach their goals and beyond.

To help laud the achievements of its employees, Compass began an Employee of the Month program just six months after its founding. The honor goes to one very-deserving candidate each month, who receives a published story on the company’s website and social media.

While it’s a tremendous honor, our employees don’t stop performing after receiving the Employee of the Month nomination. In many ways, it’s just a road sign along a long journey for our best people.

With that in mind, let’s now take a look back at the first six recipients of this honor from 2021:

Josh Chandler – January

Although Josh (above photo, upper left) hasn’t received an official promotion with a fancy job title, Tri-Tec President Rick Loyd has labeled him the operating company’s ‘Superman.’ In other words, he’s Tri-Tec’s utilityman, performing any job that helps Tri-Tec succeed.

Josh particularly excels at the physically demanding jobs at the operating company. Most of his responsibilities include running CNC machines, performing welding, grinding intricate parts, working in shipping and receiving, driving delivery trucks and training new employees. But there’s not a single job Josh wouldn’t do to benefit Tri-Tec.

Evan Grose – February

Gray Manufacturing announced the promotion of Evan (above, upper middle) to Operations Manager in August 2021. That was six months after Compass named him Employee of the Month.

Evan’s promotion filled an important role at Gray Manufacturing which had been open for almost an entire year. He continues to be a “sponge for learning” in his vital role that has grown Gray over the past two years.

Greg Donaldson – March

Like Evan, about three months after his Employee of the Month nomination, Greg (above, upper right) received a promotion. Quality Products named Greg to Operations Manager in June 2021.

In his new role, Greg aims to execute plans and processes to ensure all the employees at Quality Products maximize their potential. He remains excited about the opportunity now two years into his tenure.

Zach Whitten – April

Zach (above, lower left) has grown tremendously as a team member at Advanced Machining over the past two years. Advanced President Ketih Felts recently called Zach one of the operating company’s top 5-axis machinists.

Furthermore, Zach oversees the company’s sinker EDM efforts. He ensures all of Advanced’s sinker EDM systems run unattended overnight.

Ben Kubis – May

Following President Dan Douglas’ retirement at Douglas Machining, Ben (above, lower middle) became co-general manager of the operating company. In his new role, Ben holds all responsibilities for manufacturing and quality at Douglas.

He also shares profit and loss responsibility with his co-general manager Christina Douglas, who oversees sales and accounting.

Ricky McCraw – June

Ricky (above, lower right) expressed a passion for his work when he became the Compass Employee of the Month. That passion hasn’t wavered. He described the past two years at Quality Products as the “happiest he has ever been in his career.”

He continues to work in Quality Products’ shipping and receiving department. Ricky has nearly 50 years of work experience and strives to continue his employment at Quality for as long as his health will allow.

For more information about Compass Precision, including its innovative Employee of the Month Program, please contact CEO Gary Holcomb at gary.holcomb@compassprecision.com.